To be in debt and unable to come across a way prevented is a recipe in place of panic and the tragedy with the purpose of drives victims to carry out crazy things. With honorary bills, threats of above-board proceedings and even loss of one’s home-produced, and so on, the panorama is get hard in place of tragedy. It’s a strict disaster and ridding of the chains with the purpose of dragged individual into the jam is as complicated and problematical as almost everything faced in life.

This condition of novel life is slavery to a logic designed to inflict through horror. The latter emotion drives panic and other things such as anti-social behaviour and criminality.

Common sagacity and logic are demanding to come across after the brain is paying attention on cost of debt. Experts are frequently mandatory to solve the poser but they are demanding to come across and frequently out-of-reach in place of the debtor. They carry out not exist in governments or religion as in attendance are not many if every who genuinely know the solution to such problems.

Greed, under-payment in place of masterpiece, addictions, and making a bet problems are all part of the mix. Add to it the break-down of relationships, checkup and other expenses, as well as breed problems and the like all add up to debt with the purpose of cannot be met.

Both society and the the system masterpiece towards creating the place and individual has to take a look on the older picture to discover how and why it is so.

My recollection of reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit of the Universe has provided insight into such situations. Everything is part of a illustrious map to bring the earth as we know it to an side. The bible tells us with the purpose of all and sundry who has lived is back in bodies on this moment in time and they ae judged according to their holiness.

This explanation will be done the heads of many readers who cannot move toward to grips with the piece of information with the purpose of they are being piously killed by the fiction they believe in. All debt is fiction in a minute as religion and the false gods it promotes. Money is individual of individuals fake idols.

When the Spirit took me away from the earth in the sagacity with the purpose of my need in place of money faded away It plus provided answers with the purpose of are impracticable to come across otherwise. It took me to the activation of religious systems and how man’s passion in place of make-believe led to the the system with the purpose of drives debt.

Fear and loss of ordinary sagacity is on the sensitivity of driving associates into believing in the false gods with the purpose of are at this time slaughter thousands day by day. Brain-washing from birth impacts the brain and denies spiritual food with the purpose of would otherwise information individual prevented of debt and into a form of recovery with the purpose of is impracticable to come across otherwise. Economic slavery is the make-believe with the purpose of creates power and control of the masses and debt is the trick to keep them in line.


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